• AltStore is very useful for IPA files install to your iOS Device.

    How to install AltStore on MacOS

    1 Download and install on MacOS.
    2 Click AltStore, from Mac icon bar.
    3 Select Install Mail Plugin.
    4 Restart the Mail app after complete installing process, enable the Mail Plugin.
    5 tap on mail from menu bar and select Preferences.
    6 Tap as Manage Plugins.
    7 Enable – AltPlugin.mailbundle – Apply and Restart Mail.
    8 MacOS Catalina – Go to summary page in iTunes and enable Show this iPhone.
    9 MacOS Mojave – go to iTunes and enable iTunes WIFI sync.
    10 Tap app icon – Click install AltStore select your iOS device.
    11 Enter Apple ID and Apple Password.
    12 Wait few time to complete installing process and go to setting -> General – Profiles & Device Management – click trust button.
    13 Click this app icon and use it install apps for your iPhone.

    How to install AltStore on Windows

    1 Download iTunes or iCloud for your Windows computer using Apple website.
    2 Download AltStore for Windows.
    3 Extract setup file and click file to start installing process.
    4 connect your iPhone to windows computer trust with device.
    5 Now open and enable iTunes.
    6 Tap the app icon and click Install AltStore and choose your iOS device.
    7 Enter Apple ID and Password in the aria.
    8 Wait few time to complete installing process and goto setting -> General – Profiles & Device Management – click trust button.
    9 Click this app and use it install apps for your iPhone.

    How to Install Apps on AltStore

    1 Select your apps and download IPA file.
    2 Open AltStore app and go to the My app tab.
    3 Click the plus icon (+) top left corner, now you can list of your downloaded IPA files, click now you needed IPA file.
    4 You are first time with AltStore, when open you have to enter Apple ID and password.
    5 it will start installing the app, it will take few time to complete installing process successfully.
    6 Now it will seen in the My Apps, you can open from Home screen.

  • iDeviceWalls


    iDeviceWalls is great wallpapers app and it is support to save wallpaper directly to lock screen or springboard. No longer have a camera roll full of wallpapers.

    1.0 Release

    1.1 Update for 32bit devices

    1.2 Added back button and set to wallpaper without saving image.

    All wallpaper of this apps you can download and install completely free of cost.

    How to Install iDeviceWalls using Cydia Impactor

    1 iDeviceWalls IPA file download onto your computer using below link.

    2 Cydia Impactor download and install for your computer using this link.
    3 Now connect your iPhone, iPad to your computer using USB cable.
    4 Open cydia impactor.
    5 Drag and drop the iDeviceWalls IPA file on to Cydia Impactor.
    6 Cydia Impactor recieved some massage enter Apple ID and password, which is verified with Apple only and is used to sign the IPA file. If you’re not comfortable providing it, then create an alternative Apple ID and use that instead.
    7 now you have to verify this app with Apple developer, follow this guide to finish verification process, Go to Setting -> General -> Profiles & Device Management.
    8 Click Trust button and enjoy open with app.